Two men making an oath


In this stele we see two men in a confronting position with each one’s hand reaching up towards the other and with elbows resting on clay tablets. The scene is topped by two lotus flowers each is pointing towards one of the male figures suggesting divine’s presence.

In his study on the Ugaritic Corpus of legal documents, Juan-Pablo Vita states the following

According to recent calculations, at present, the corpus of legal texts found in Ugarit amounts to about 425 documents. Only about 25, however, are written in Ugaritic using the cuneiform alphabet. They can be grouped into six major categories: transfer of real estate, adoption, wills, clearance, trials, and surety.

In Ugarit, any text can be considered as legal if it has at least one of the following elements: formulae that identify it as such (for example l ym hnd  “from this day on”), mention of witnesses, and/or the presence of seals. We say “at least” because some of these elements can be missing. Some Ugaritic legal texts, for example, have seal impressions, whereas other texts, also clearly legal, do not. These circumstances create areas of uncertainty in which we can doubt the exact nature – legal or administrative – of a particular document.

  • Site: Ugarit, Vicinity of Ba’al temple

  • Date: 15th – 14th C B.C

  • Material:

  • Item Dimensions:

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • National Museum Of Aleppo (2011) – Museum Number: Aleppo

  • Index Code: Alp 0192

Excavation Site Location

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