Figure Of A Human-headed Bull


A wooden core covered with gold foil forms the body of this small human-headed bull. The head is turned at a right angle to the body, looking straight at the observer. The hair is inlaid steatite, carefully worked in wavy strands ending in two rows of curls. The eyes were originally inlaid. In Early Dynastic glyptic art th human-headed bull is often depicted being attacked by lions or by naked heroes.

  • Site: Ebla (Tell Mardikh), Royal Palace G, L. 2764

  • Date: Late Early Dynastic to early Akkadian period, ca. 2400-2300 B.C. 

  • Material:

  • Item Dimensions: Height: 4.2 cm; length: 5 cm; depth: 1.8 cm 

  • Archaeological Mission: Italian Archaeological mission – P. Matthiae 

  • National Museum Of Aleppo (2011) – Museum No.: Aleppo TM. 76. G. 850 

  • Literature: P. Matthiae 

  • Index Code Alp 011/lob

Excavation Site Location

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  • Matthiae Ebla 76, Fig. 28

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