This basalt lintel shows the standing figure of a man wearing a tunic. In his left hand, he holds the ear of a very large bull’s head and, in his right, he grasps the bridle of his horse, behind which stand a goat and a dog. The representations are not in proportion to one another, but this is intentional. The scene is meant to commemorate the sacrifice of a bull to a divinity, an offering whose importance is signified by the size of the bull’s head. The sacrifice was ordered by a member of the nobility, symbolized by the harnessed horse. The fact that the goat is as big as the horse indicates that the person must have been a landowner whose wealth was derived from the possession of a herd of goats. The author of the sacrifice thus sought to immortalize the deed in a block of stone, which would have been placed in a spot where it reminded his peers of his actions.

  • Site: AIN AZ-ZAMAN

  • Date: AD 300

  • Material: Basalt

  • Item Dimensions: 123 x 24 x 30 cm

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • As Suwayda National Museum (2011) – SUWEIDA 44/231

  • Index Code: Swd 030

Excavation Site Location

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