Safaitic graffiti


“Safaitic” is the name given to the nomadic people who roamed the Syro-Arabian desert between the first and fourth centuries of our era. This drawing, scratched with flint on a block of very dense basalt, clearly shows a mounted horseman with a spear in one hand attempting to capture a one-humped camel and a dromedary. The words inscribed all around the scene say: “May the goddess Allat ensure good booty” [to whoever leaves this inscription untouched but] ” may the goddess Allat make blind and mute” (whoever destroys it). The nomads who lived in the Safa Desert at this time were stockraisers who specialized in camel-breeding and, given their knowledge of the region, played an active role in trade.


  • Date: 200 A.D

  • Material: Basalt

  • Item Dimensions: 70 x 45 x 29 cm

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • As Suwayda National Museum (2011) – SUWEIDA 852

  • Index Code: Swd 028

Excavation Site Location

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