Sarcophagus of Malko and his wife Rabna


The flora designs decoration in the background of the scene is quite unusual in Palmyra, for most of the similar funerary scenes found in the city came with a blank background. This funeral banquet scene is depicting a male priest lying on a luxurious cushion with a drinking cup in his left hand. His wife is siting on the left with her traditional costume typical to women of this period. A servant holding a drinking pot stands behind the priest to his left. The Aramaic inscription in the middle reads “Malko son of Taima Ibin Hanbal Hamtoush and his wife Rabna”.

  • Material: Limestone.

  • Item Dimensions:

  • Date: 2nd- 3rd century AD.

  • Excavated from: Palmyra – Sarcophagus from the tomb of H.amt.uš – Southwestern Necropolis.

  • Archaeological Mission: Syrian Archaeological Mission; Ing. Waleed Al-Asaad. (2008)

  • Archaeological Museum Of Palmyra – Front garden (2011)

Excavation Site Location


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