Part Of A Base Relief Depicting A Processional Scene

Part of a base relief, depicting a processional scene.

This is a fragment of a relief, originally was depicting a processional scene honoring the Godless Al’Lat. It is showing a group of women swathed in veils. This detail is similar- almost identical to almost complete procession scene that came from the Cella of Bel temple (*). They wear long dresses; cloaks wrapped around their bodies hid completely their faces. Their heads are leaning on hands also veiled, and are slightly bent forward. Analyzing their posture, rather than participants, they look like spectators to the procession.

Processional Scene From Bel Temple (*)

  • Material: Limestone

  • Estimated Date: M. Gawlikowski suggests the date of the relief on the 1st century CE ( * )

  • Item Approximate Dimensions: W 32 x H 45 cm

  • Excavated from: Palmyra- Temple Of Al’Lat ( * )

  • Archaeological Mission: Polish archaeological mission; M. Gawlikowski – University of Warsaw

  • Archeological Museum Of Palmyra – First Floor. (2011)

Excavation Site Location.

( * ) More about this item: M. Gawlikowski, Le Sanctuaire d’Allat à Palmyre, PAM Series 8, Warsaw, 2017, p.212.

Palmyra’s 3ed Century. Art and lifestyle.

Polish Archaeological Mission | University Of Warsaw – Aleksandra Kubiak | PHD

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