Half-figure of a woman with a child.

Half-figure of a woman with a child


Half-figure of a woman. H. 62 cm, w. 45 cm.

[b]ty brt | [y]ry br | whblt | [b]l

“[.]tai, daughter of Iarḥai, son of Wahballat, alas!”

141bty seems to be a most obvious restoration, as one letter only is missing at the beginning of the following line (one can think as well of ‘ty or the like).

The record is duplicated. The second record lists the following information;

šbḥyt | dy mtq|ry’ ṭṭ’ | ’tt ‘gyl | yrḥy brh | ’mt’ brth | ḥbl

“Šabḥit, also called Tita, wife of Ogeil. Iarḥai her son, Amata her daughter, alas!”

150One would expect yy’ for Titia. The name šbyt is new; it is formed on the root šb “to praise”, see CIS 4382: šby.

151Date: end of 2nd century.

  • Material: Limestone.

  • Item Dimensions:

  • Date: First half of 3rd century..F

  • Excavated from: Palmyra-

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • Archaeological Museum Of Palmyra – 2011

Excavation Site Location

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