Funerary Relief Of Aqmat, Daughter Of Hairan


This portrait shows the idealized features of a woman dressed in a chiton with a shawl covering her head. She wears a turban under which a headband or diadem covers the hair. At the temples, long strands of hair are combed back and tucked into the turban. Besides the headband, her only jewelry is a small double ring on the little finger of her left hand, in which she holds a spool and a spindle. Her right-hand pulls the shawl forwards on the left shoulder, creating an asymmetrical effect. According to the Palmyrene inscription, this is the deceased Aqmat, daughter of Hairan son of Bonnur, and the mother of Nebozabad, son of Barikai.

  • Material: Hard Limestone.

  • Item Dimensions: Height 60.5 cm : Width 50 cm

  • Date: 150 – 200 AD.

  • Excavated from: Palmyra. Western Necropolis Tomb of Shalm Al’Lat son of Malku

  • Archaeological Mission: Syrian archaeological mission.

  • Archaeological Museum Of Palmyra – 2011

  • Index Number : Plm 0166

Excavation Site Location

Title: Palmyrene funerary reliefs. Publisher: Wikipedia

Title: Palmyrene Funerary Portraiture. Publisher: Khan Academy

Palmyra’s 2ed Century Funeral Art

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Land of Baal: Art And Archeology Of Ancient Syria.

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