Funerary Relief Of A Child


Shown here is a young man or boy in high relief facing directly toward the viewer, dressed in a Greek cloak. His left hand grasps a toy wile he holds a bunch of grapes in his right. His expression is serene, and his upraised eyes gaze at a point far beyond the viewer. Incised concentric circles indicate the iris and pupil of each eye. His short hair is depicted as a mass of wavy locks that cover his head like a cap, ending above his protruding ears. This relief depicts the deceased with the dress and coiffure of an adult. Birds and bunches of grapes are common attributes that identifies Palmyrene children in their memorial portraits.

  • Material: Limestone

  • Date: 2ed – 3ed C AD

  • Item Dimensions: C 40 cm’s (W) x 60 (H)

  • Excavated from: Palmyra-

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • Archaeological Museum Of Palmyra – 2011

  • Index Code: Plm 0221

Excavation Site Location

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