Funerary Bas-Relief Of A Man Flanked With Two Winged Demigods

Funerary Bas-relief of a man flanked by two winged angels

This semicircular bas-relief was part of the facade of the central second chamber inside of tomb F. The structure was constructed with soft limestone slabs and consisted of four columns for loculi and an arched niche[1]Excavations in the south east necropolis in Palmyra from 1990 To 1995| Saito Kiohide. There were four funerary sculptures in situ in the facade. The arched niche, like a loculus, was set up in the center of the facade and was sealed by this semicircular funerary sculpture. This sculpture, without inscription, is 42 cm high and 87 cm wide and indicates that a man is being carried with a round plate held by two so-called “goddesses of victory” Nike. This kind of sculpture is the first to make an appearance as a funerary sculpture in Palmyra. However, we can see the same motif in the mural painting of the facade, of the three brothers, and on a sarcophagus in No. 186 of the southeast necropolis.

There were two male funerary sculptures under the arched niche. One is a sculpture of YRHY who founded the tomb and another is a sculpture of ŠLMA who is a son of YRHY. This sculpture shows a boy on ŠLMA’s right shoulder but the inscription describes ŠLMA and a daughter of MLA. Moreover, there is a male sculpture leaning against the left end of the wainscot in the facade. This sculpture is of the son of YRHY named MLA.

  • Material: Limestone

  • Date: 150 AD

  • Item Dimensions: 86 / 44 cm

  • Excavated from: Palmyra- Southeast Necropolis: Tomb C (Tomb Of YARHY son of ISMS)

  • Archaeological Mission: Japanese Archaeological Mission; Nara University – Takayasu Higuchi – Takura Izumi

  • Archaeological Museum Of Palmyra  – Display location unknown (2011)

Excavation Site Location.

Palmyra’s 2ed Century riligious art

Photo ref; Credits Syria, land of civilizations (Michel Fortin, Musée de la civilisation (Québec)

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1 Excavations in the south east necropolis in Palmyra from 1990 To 1995| Saito Kiohide
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