• Material: Limestone

  • Date: 1-50 AD

  • Item Dimensions: Height 13 cm : Width 9.5 cm

  • Excavated from: Palmyra. Garden of Bel Temple

  • Archaeological Mission: Syrian Archaeological Mission
  • Archaeological Museum Of Palmyra - 2011

Palmyra's 2ed century Funerary art

Land of Baal: Art And Archeology Of Ancient Syria.

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This fragment is probably from a free-standing statue. The forehead is framed by a series of curls which the hair at the temples is combed and sideways toward the top of the head. The hair behind the wide ribbon is only schematically rendered. The face is dominated by large eyes, whose fully visible irises impress the observer with the intense gaze. The coiffure shows no specific signs of Roman fashion, but the old-fashioned rendering of the eyes indicates that this is one of the earliest Palmyrene sculptures.

Excavation Site Location.