Altar With Inscriptions


Estimated from 205 CE, this stone altar was found almost in almost complete shape near the Afqa spring. The inscribed Aramaic text tells us that it was a gift from the intended who supervised water destitution from the spring at the time, and that his name was Timo, who gave it to the pleasure of the god Yahbul.


During his assumption of the position of supervising the spring chosen by the god Yarah Paul,

(this) Timo, son of Lashmash, son of Timouben Bolha, (made this altar (and presented it) for the life of his father and his brothers and the lives of his sons,

The text is dated in the month of August of the year 517 (*)

  • Material: Limestone

  • Date: August 205 A.D

  • Item Dimensions: 90 cm x 38/26 cm

  • Excavated from: Palmyra- Near Afqa Spring

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • Archaeological Museum Of Palmyra – 2011

  • Index Code: Plm 0201

Excavation Site Location

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  •  (Ar) (*) النقوش التدمرية القديمة ص 139| علي صقر

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