A Sarcophagus Depicting Multiple Figures With Funerary Offerings

A Sarcophagus Depicting Multiple Figures With Funerary Offerings


Northern Valley Of the tombs (Museum Tag). The image to the right is a closeup of the southern facade of the Palmyrene​ sarcophagus in hall number 4  showing faces of human images which have been cut off. ​ (Screenshot Afp video  4/1/2016), while the image to the left shows the item in it’s original condition before 2011.

Item In It’s original location upon excavations. Photo source: Library of congress photo archive.

  • Material: Limestone

  • Date: 3ed century AD

  • Proximate Dimensions: 220 x 85 cms.

  • Excavated from: Palmyra-Northern Necropolis

  • Archaeological Mission: Polish Archaeological mission 2003

  • Archeological Museum Of Palmyra – First Floor. (2011)

Excavation Site Location.

Odaenathus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odaenathus

Palmyra’s 3ed Century. Art and lifestyle.

M. Gawlikowski, “Der Neufund eines Mosaiks in Palmyra,” in A. Schmidt-Colinet (ed.) Palmyra: Kulturbegegnung im Grenzbereich (Mainz 2005) 29–31

Photo ref; Credits Syria, land of civilizations (Michel Fortin, Musée de la civilisation (Québec)

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