A Model For A Sundial


A model for a sundial with lines identifying the hours of the day between sunrise and sunset. In its upper part there is an arrow which casts its shadow on the board to show the time.
This piece was found in Al’Lat temple from the level indicated per M. Gawlikowski, as Al’lat (temple) stage II, from the 1st century AD to mid 2nd century AD, Gawlikowski. The excavations of the Polish mission inside of the sanctuary revealed two spectacular archaeological pieces; a freestanding column of Šalmallat and the monumental lion the so called the lion of Al’Lat.
The sundial presented here was originally part of the first piece that was found collapsed by an earthquake and restored with the help of S. Taha in 1975. The simulation made by D. Tarara shows that the hour could be read only until between 2:15 and 3:30 p.m. depending on the season. It does not seem to be unimportant, as Gawlikowski writes, and we can just wonder if this time was linked with a ritual modus operandi.

  • Material: Limestone.

  • Date: first half of 2nd century.

  • Item Dimensions:  H. 53 cm, W. 33 cm,

  • Excavated from: Palmyra- Temple Of Al’Lat

  • Archaeological Mission: Excavations of the Polish Archaeological Mission 1992

  • Archaeological Museum Of Palmyra – 2011

Excavation Site Location

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