Vessel Shaped As A Hare


This animal-shaped vessel was burned in a fire in antiquity; as a result it is blackened, cracked, and partially deformed. Although only the essential details are rendered, the hare is quite naturalistic. The sculptor paid as much attention to the bottom of the vessel as he did to the visible sides. The spherical eyes are drilled.

Vessels such as this and the following one were not meant for everyday domestic use; rather, they may have been offerings to a deity, and as such the symbolic quality of the hare in its proverbial fertility may have been established. Similar animal-shaped vessels, but made of terracotta, are known from Çatal Hüyük in Southern Anatolia.

  • Site: Bouqras

  • Date: Date: 6400–5900 B.C. 

  • Material: Burned alabaster

  • Item Dimensions: Height: 9 cm; length: 17.5 cm; width: 9.4 cm 

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • National Museum Of Damascus (2011) – Museum No.: Deir ez-Zor BJ 100/2136

Excavation Site Location

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