Statuette Of Ishqi-Mari


This statuette was found in 1934, only one month after archaeological excavations had begun at the Tell Hariri site. It was unearthed in the remains of a temple and represents a person who wished to be immortalized in an attitude of prayer. The inscription borne by the statuette made it possible to identify the person as one of the kings of Mari and thus to infer that the site was the ancient city of Mari itself. The inscription, covering the left shoulder and part of the back, reads: “Lamgi-Mari, King of Mari, chiet ensi of Enlil, his statue to Inanna-ush, has dedicated.” The statuette displays royal attributes in two of its features the arrangement of the hair and the long way beard. Unlike other statuettes of the same type, this one has eves that are sculpted. In back, a protuberance suggests the tail of an animal. 

Ishqi-Mari or Ishgi-Mari (𒅖𒄄𒈠𒌷 iš11-gi4-ma-rí), previously read Lamgi-Mari, was a King of the second Mariote kingdom who reigned c. 2350-2330 BCE. He is one of three Mari kings known from archaeology, Ikun-Shamash probably being the oldest one. The third king is Iku-Shamagan, also known from an inscribed statue. In their inscriptions, these Mari kings used a dialect of the Akkadian language, whereas their Sumerian contemporaries to the south used the Sumerian language. It is thought that Ishqi-Mari was the last king of Mari before the conquest and the destruction of Mari by the Akkadian Empire under Sargon circa 2330 BCE

𒅖𒄄𒈠𒌷 / 𒈗𒈠𒌷 / 𒑐𒋼𒋛𒃲 / 𒀭𒂗𒆤 / 𒊨𒋤 / 𒀀𒈾 / 𒀭𒈹𒀴 / 𒊕𒄸𒁺

ish11-gi4-ma-ri2 / lugal ma-ri2 / ensi2 gal / Den-lil2 / dul3-su3 / a-na / Dinanna-nita / sa12-rig9

“Ishqi-Mari, king of Mari, great ensi of Enlil, dedicated his statue to Inanna

This inscription was instrumental in identifying Tell Hariri with the Mari of antiquity. 

Several cylinder seals with intricate designs in the name of “Ishqi-Mari, King of Mari” are also known.

Excavation of the statue of Ishqi-Mari on 23 January 1934 

  • Date: 2400 BC

  • Material: Gypsum

  • Item Dimensions: 27.7 x 10.3 x 11.5 cm 

  • Discovery in (23 January 1934) – French archaeological mission led by André Parrot

  • National Museum Of Aleppo (2011) – ALEPPO M 10406 

  • Index Code: Alp 041

Excavation Site Location

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