Statue Of The God Baal


The metal figurines found at Ugarit, whether flat or in the round, were usually made of bronze. This one, however, was cast in silver and ornamented with gold; the figure wears a golden loincloth and necklace, or torque, and carries a golden mace in its left hand. The statuette has gen erally been identified with the god Hadad or Baal, the “Master,” especially since it was found in a store of votive idols near the great Temple of Baal. It is known that Baal bore a mace as a sign of his power and used it to see that his commands were carried out.


  • Date: 1800 B.C

  • Material: Silver and gold

  • Item Dimensions: 28 x 5.5 cm

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • National Museum Of Aleppo (2011) –  ALEPPO M 8162

  • Index Code: Alp 046

Excavation Site Location

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  • UGARITICA II p. 71-85 and Pl. 17-19

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