Female figurine


This terra cotta figurine has been interpreted by its discoverer as the representation of a major deity. This interpretation was based on the figurine’s relatively large size, the object resembling a drinking horn held in her right arm, which is bent towards her chest, and the stump-like left arm, which is extended in front and perforated so that a rod could be inserted in it. The figurine was found with two others [268 and 269], which are similar but smaller, and may represent minor deities or worshippers. All three were unearthed under the threshold of a house whose floor had been raised. They were no doubt used in the practice of some household cult.


  • Date: 2000 BC

  • Material:  Terra cotta

  • Item Dimensions: 32 x 10 cm

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • National Museum Of Aleppo (2011) – Museum Number: ALEPPO M 11236 (SLK 74.H.141)

  • Index Code: Alp 0128/267loc

Excavation Site Location

  • L’Ecriture 397 ; AAAS 27-28 (1977-78) Pl. 10
  • A History of Syria in One Hundred Sites by Y. Kanjou (Editor), A. Tsuneki (Editor)

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