Female figurine


Most of the female figurines made during the Neolithic period were shaped out of clay that was slightly hardened by fire but not really baked. This figurine was one of eight discovered on the site of Tell Mureybet. It is clear that the artist sought to emphasize the part of the body linked to reproduction — the pelvic region, or maternal womb, and the breasts, or nourishing bosom. It is significant that all the figurines of this type lack facial features, since these were not directly related to the intended symbolism.


  • Date: 8000 BC

  • Material: Fire-hardened clay

  • Item Dimensions: 5.6 x 2 cm

  • Archaeological Mission:

  • National Museum Of Aleppo (2011) – Museum Number: ALEPPO 1008 (MB73.808)

  • Index Code: Alp 0126/LOC

Excavation Site Location

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