Syria’s antiquities and artifacts are a part of the world’s human heritage as much as they are a part of our collective memory as Syrians; they provide evidence of the diversity of Syrian society throughout history. Protecting these antiquities, their neutrality and keeping them safe from conflict is everybody’s responsibility.
Our initiative aims to support these ideas, highlight our common bonds and ultimately contribute to peace-building.

Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed” (UNESCO’s Constitution)

The virtual museum project is an inventory of Syria’s museum collections, published on the web. It highlights the numerous and most important artifacts in the the Syrian archaeological museums.

The project’s objective is to fill the obvious gap in both the “in country” and public records of these collections and to raise awareness among the Syrian public about their shared heritage and for the world.

At this project, we value the ongoing efforts conducted by the many scholars, Syrians and from around the world who dedicated their lives to study and to reveal the Syrian heritage to us Syrians and to the world, The project sends an opened invitation to these academics for them to contribute to the content. This can be either by providing us with the relevant references or in providing the literature on a particular museum item.

The initial materiel published in this project is the results of much information and data collected throughout 16 years of frequent guiding and lecturing at the various Syrian archaeological museums conducted by the admin.

The Syrian virtual museum project is a product of Mirath Initiative for Cultural Heritage; a non for profit organization (NGO) registered in the United States, State of California. Mirath, or any of it’s projects is, not affiliated or part of  any other entity governmental or non governmental.